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Tassel earrings made with seed beads. There are seven strands per earring, making them heptapods like in the movie "Arrival"!
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I love making things from circuit board. I love the way it looks, and as a material it's very versatile: light and strong. It can be sawed into any shape, sanded, and drilled. It is also often thrown away and so it can be easily obtained for free.

Here's a leather belt that I covered in pieces of circuit board. I used pop rivets to fasten the pieces. Of course, I had to take all the components off the board first.
After I was done I covered the leather up with tape and then spray-varnished the circuit board; it made things nice and shiny and it also prevents lead getting on your skin. Yes, sometimes there's lead in solder. Better safe than sorry.

leather belt covered with rectangles of circuit board
Click makes big.
I made this as a gift for a friend and after it was done, I got so jealous that I had to make a second one for myself. The newer one has sea-blue circuit board and I wear it almost every day.

Bonus cat picture! Here's the belt being modeled by one of our cats.

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With the new influx of people, I'm hoping people might want to talk about craft things. If you've been crafty lately, or thought about it, or wanted to craft, or anything else, then please tell us here! Pictures, progress, planning and questions are all good.
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нєяє i нαvє мαdє єgyρтiαи icσиร, ρlєαรє cяєdiт [personal profile] 3y3 & cσммєит тσ wнicн σиє yσυ αяє υรiиg :)
c l i c k // )
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My friend is a Rec Therapist at a Children's Rehab Hospital in Washington, DC and is looking for child-size Picc Line Covers and brown (versus white) Medical Play Dolls. Details over at my journal if you are interested.

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Question: I am in the midst of tricking out my walker. It has aluminum legs that are coated with some sort of paint, and also a fake leather/vinyl seat thing.

If I wanted to paint either/both of these things, what kind of paint should I use? I was thinking of puff fabric paint on the seat, but I know that can peel rather easily off of t-shirts even, so that seemed ill-advised. It is black, by the way. Black and boring.

I have already knitted removable & washable yarn bombing for some sections of the walker, but in other areas the yarn would interfere with the walker.

ETA: I should mention that I have a stash of model paints.
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I just published an Instructable on how to make fake sea glass at home. If you like, check it out!

sea glass

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If you were going to use some sort of paint and sealer on metal bottle caps that wouldn't chip, which paint would you use? I was thinking both a base coat and some sort of decoration (nothing too complicated). I know they make certain paints just for metals, which I've seen in hardware stores and the like. I thought spray paint might work for the base coat, but I wasn't sure about something I could spread with a brush for detail work. Does anyone have any particular recommendations/suggestions?

Thanks in advance, dreamwidth hive mind!
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Before I start a duckduckgo search that may lead me down the rabbit hole, I was wondering...
  • if anyone here does calligraphy?
  • if anyone has a recommendation for a teach-yourself-calligraphy online resource (preferably not YouTube because they and my Gnash player don't always play nice and I'm trying to stick to Free Software)?
Whilst cleaning out my pens I found a few calligraphy pens, and I thought it might be worth learning a bit so I could make some stationary or something. Or keep myself out of trouble for a bit, at least.
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Possibly this post should go in the knitting group instead of here, but the fiber in question hasn't become yarn yet so I'm not really sure...
Either way it is crafty to dye your own fiber so I'm not too far off topic, right?

I ended the Ravelry spinning event Tour de Fleece on a high note, and what else would I want to do after working with fiber for over 20 straight days but mess with it some more! I tried out natural dyeing using tea and blueberries on some white Shetland wool I'd bought.

Here's my finished fiber

And if you want to see how I did it, I posted step by step with photos in my journal
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Hello! I'm new here, and I'd like to post about something I did yesterday.
I spent a fun afternoon at Hack42 yesterday, and made myself a geeky looking, sciency faux-metal helmet. It has blinky LEDs too.

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I do a lot of knitting crafts, but I decided to dabble in Chalk Paint after some blog articles I'd read about it finally got to me.

  • No sanding/priming necessary - just slap it on there
  • Pretty colors!
  • You can do cool things with distressing it and making it look "old"/antique
  • It is supposed to dry quickly (this is debatable when you really want to get to the next step like me. I was literally waiting for paint to dry and it takes so long when you are waiting by it omg.)
  • Easy clean up - it's water based so it washes right off
  • It is fun
  • The Annie Sloan kind is rather expensive, especially if you're also getting the wax and the brushes, etc. I managed to split the costs with my mom, as she has plans for a table. (I also have plans for a chest of drawers, honestly the mirror was really to test it. And because I couldn't wait to open that paint can.)
  • If you're painting furniture from the 1930s or 1940s there can be a bleed through effect, which I thankfully didn't have. The remedy for this is on the manufacturer's website (scroll down), you use shellac to cover up the bleed through.
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There are a ton of step-by-step how-tos for chalk paint on the internet. I didn't use just one, kind of a conglomeration of all of them, so you're best of looking on your own if you want to try. There's also some instructions for "DIY chalk paint" if you want to try that (cheaper but more labor intensive, peoples' results look pretty but no guarantees.)
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I've just started a big project. Actually a HUGE project.
I'm going to be making two of the Knitted Farmyard playsets from Knit a Fantasy Story by Jan Messent.

Since it'll involve knitting, crochet, embroidery, and latch hook (plus who knows how many other things by the time I'm done) I thought it might be of interest to the group.

My first post on the project is here on DW, and I'll also be making progress posts here and under the KaFS tag on my new craft blog.

For a sneak peek, here is the pattern picture

and here is what I've done with it so far

Either link will take you to more pictures and better descriptions of what I'm going to be doing.

Please check it out!

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Hi there. I'm a craftster who dabbles mostly in fiber art and jewelry. I like to do wire-wrapped jewelry, with stones and such. I did a bit of playing yesterday in an effort to (a) improve my skills and (b) make some little giveaways for a meetup I'm attending this weekend where swapping supplies and finished products is encouraged.

This was my favorite piece from yesterday, and the rest are located in my Deviantart gallery. I also made the brocade pouch in one of the images. :)
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  Since a few people said they were interested, here is the tutorial to make felt flowers as in this post.
(Note that you are not obliged to use felt, I used polar wool successfully too).

  First, have a look at the really-easily-hand-made-patterns you'll need :

  Have acut, this is picture heavy... )
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Hello crafty people !

  This year's [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw has begun and the general festive atmosphere made me wanting to bring a little more life to the communities I subscribed to.
   Since the point is to post on Dreamwidth only, I had to browse my craft-related files to find pictures of projects I had not shared elsewhere, so, please have a look at those little hair pins I made last christmas !

This one comes with a ring !

two more this way... )

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Some random things I've been working on!

Monty Python cross-stitch hoop. 4". Made-up pattern from a hasty sketch. Was going to be part of a Craftster Swap, but it took longer than I thought. I still have to finish off the back, but that can wait.

See More! Much More! Sharktopus! Ministry of Silly Walks! ...etc )


Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:08 pm
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Hello crafty people (I like this word - crafty - it always makes me laugh to use it with a "craft" meaning)

I made a doll for my godmother's birthday and I thought I shall share it here, to make this community a little more lively.

I hope that one picture only outside of a cut is alright for your reading pages.

More pictures at my craft-related blog.

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I have been really busy making things with the most recent haul of awesome things from the op shop.

mod shoulder bag kakabeak zippered coin pouch

Check out the rest on my journal
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*taps door*

Anyone here? Well on the off chance anyone is around ...

Just starting to post more to my DW account instead of just LJ and I made a MASSIVE crafts post.
Two completed scrapbook pages, a bunch of knitting projects at different stages, and an idea to remodel an old doll case.

If anyone is interested (there do seem to be a lot of members for such a quiet comm!) pictures of all of these can be found here in my journal
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