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  Since a few people said they were interested, here is the tutorial to make felt flowers as in this post.
(Note that you are not obliged to use felt, I used polar wool successfully too).

  First, have a look at the really-easily-hand-made-patterns you'll need :

  I made a picture tutorial because I am not sure I am able to explain it clearly in English, even if the technique itself is incredibly easy.

  First, you draw the pattern on the felt :

  Then, you cut it :

  The red arrow on the previous pictures indicates the part of the felt that will be in the middle in the flower : even if it is the exterior of the pattern, it is the interior of the flower. Beginning from this point, you just make a spiral with your felt ribbon :

  Until this point :

  Then, you'll need a gun !

  OK, I think cloth glue would work too, that's just I love to play with my hot glue gun...
You put the glue on the hatched part, so that you are sure that the the flower will be correctly stuck.

  And you just cover the glued part with the remaining petals :

  And it's done !

  You can put a bead in the middle if you want :

  And here is the little one :

  And the biggest one :

  Once you've begun, you can't stop...

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